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Anatomical without mesh Hernia Surgery

Details about anatomical without mesh Hernia surgery in Adults,Babies,Women

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Anatomical Hernia repair

Special flexible,stitched Mesh

ANATOMICAL REPAIR WITHOUT MESH IMPLANT- This is highly specialized surgery whereby a mesh like part of the sheath of muscle adjucent to the hernia dect is taken out and implanted instead of the mesh in the hernia defect. This is also a painless way to operate hernia as it gives a no foreign body reactions and surgery is quick without the need of mesh implant. This is very effective. Recommeded to all.
Indicated in :-Inguinal/Groin,Umbilical,Small incisional hernias

No Mesh is Used

Synthetic implant made from polypropylene

In this procedure we use body's own sheet of sheath instead of mesh. This sheath is cut in rectangular shape of a mesh.

It is gathered at the defect of Hernia site. A fine thorough suturing is done to close the defect. This sheath strip is used to cover the posterior inguinal wall canal.

It is done in quick surgery with minimal pain.

Recovery is fast because there is no foreign body inside.

Key Differences

open, Laparoscopic Mesh

The open and laparoscopic repair includes placement of a mesh to cover the defect of hernia.

This repair involves placement of sheath strip from patient's own body instead of mesh.

As this strip of sheath has originated from own body so it is easily accepted. No foreign body reaction and infection.


Anatomical Hernia Surgery

So when would Anatomical Hernia Surgery be recommended?

Any patient at any age is suitable for this type of repair.

Only diabetic patients with severe muscle weakness are not advised this repair.