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Clinical Procedure for Hernia Surgery

Details about  Hernia surgery in Adults,Babies,Women

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Step - I


Dr.Sachin Kuber is a Hernia Specialist surgeon with MS degree in Surgery. He is well experienced since 2004 in this field of surgery.He is learned and kind at heart with Humanitarian outlook. So when you come for a consultation Please note this thing. Dr.Sachin Kuber will be available 11 am to 1 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm. Except Sunday. Dr.Sachin Kuber will check you in clinic and then give advice..

Step- II

Laboratory testing

After initial consultation with Dr.Sachin Kuber a date of Hernia surgery will be given to you. If you are comfortable with that date then few laboratory and diagnostic tests are advised. These tests have to be done 5 days before date of surgery.
Initial review of those test reports is done by Dr.Sachin Kuber and then if required few medications are given to diabetic,hypertensive,cardiac patients. After stabilizing those ailments patients are given admissions letters.



If the patients are holding cashless medicalim or re-imbursement insurance then they are given appropriate letters to apply for that facility. Once those documents with supportive reports and ID proofs are submitted to our concerned hospital. Pre-authorisation is approved.

Patients with reimbursement options are adviced to deposit advance fees as well as intimation to concerned insurance company.


 Hernia Surgery

After all above steps are finished , a in house physician's medical fitness certificate is obtained before or after admission.Patients requiring special medical care for diabetes or hypertension are admitted a day before surgery to stabilize them. With a printed admission note , patients are admitted in hospital. After admission a thorough checkup is done by in house doctors and prepared for surgery.
Dr.Sachin Kuber will come to hospital and perform surgery for the patients. All during and after surgery support is given by the concerned hospital.